CJ Tortella


I first met and hunted with Ryan in Ontario in 2007. I was unable to return to Canada again until 2016, however it was the experience in 2007 that led me to reach out again to Ryan for another hunt in 2016. That first trip back to Canada included several friends and family members who also hunted with Ryan in 2007. The 2016 trip didn’t disappoint! It was immediately evident that Ryan had refined and continued to improve on his ability not only as a waterfowl guide but as an outfitter. The hunting was world class as was the calling and dog work. Ryan accommodated any of our groups needs and made the trip a truly memorable experience. 

Since the return trip in 2016, I along with a group of my family and friends have returned twice a year since. What sets Ryan apart isn’t just the world class hunting, it is his desire to make each trip better than the last. His service changes with our needs every year. The lodging provides an opportunity to relax and share the stories from the hunt, so much so that my father (who doesn’t hunt) has decided to join the fun for the last two years just to hang out in camp. The food closely rivals the caliber of the hunt as well. Andrew, the camp chef and entertainer puts out meals that have kept us talking about them long after the trip is over. When all combined, the lodging, food, and hunting truly set Ryan’s operation apart. It isn’t like we are going to hunt with an outfitter, it feels every year that we are going back to see old friends. 


Mike Durbin & Lovely Wife Donna

 I have been lucky enough to go to Canada waterfowling for the past 20 years.  12 years ago I got the pleasure to meet and hunt with Ryan Reynolds and have hunted with no one else since. On our first hunt I was a little skeptical, due to my 78 year old father’s limited mobility, as to just how successful we were going to be.  Ryan went above and beyond to make sure my father was comfortable as well as concealed and center stage for the action.  My father killed more geese that week than he had ever killed in his life up to that point.  We returned every fall to the same result.  It became the highlight to our year and gave purpose to my father’s existence.  Ryan became more family than paid guide and even though my father’s health at 91 years of age, no longer allows him to travel with me, I will never hunt with anyone else because of the personalized attention he gave my father and myself since day one.  Ryan knows geese, where they are, what they want to see in a spread, what they want to hear from a caller, but more importantly he knows how to take care of people. This year I will be lucky enough to travel to Canada twice in two different provinces and will be with Ryan for all of it. Over the years I have hunted with a lot of “Professional” guides but none have been able to match the “Professional and Personal” experiences that I have had with Ryan.