General Information


Ontario Waterfowl Hunt

Target Species

Canada Geese 

  •  5 per person per day

Snow Geese 

  • 20 / person / day


  • 6 per person per day

Possible duck species

  • Mallards
  • Wood Ducks
  • Teal
  • Bluebills
  • Redheads
  • Longtail Ducks (Oldsquaw)


Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunt

 Canada Geese (lesser & greater)

  • 8 per day per person

Specklebelly Geese

  • 5 per day per person - these count towards the total of 8 dark geese

Snow Geese

  • 20 per day per person


  • 8 per person per day


  • 4 per person per day - these count towards the 8 duck per day total

Sandhill Cranes

  • 5 per person per day

Widgeon GadwallTeal (Green & Blue Wing)Shoveler 


Ontario Turkey Hunt

  • Limit per person is 2 birds but both birds may not be harvested on the same day
  • We hunt from ground blinds to help with concealment and to increase success rate
  • 2018 success rate was 95% kill rate and 100% siting rate
  • If you do not hear a gobble or see a turkey you get your money back 
  • Legal Ontario birds are bearded birds
  • Many private access properties allow us to manage our birds and hunting pressure


Ontario Deer Hunt

  • Our property is in a bow only zone that is located on Wolfe Island, Ontario
  • This island is known for monster bucks and a very heavy deer population
  • The camp is located on the property
  • We limit it to 2 hunters in camp at the same time and ideally like those 2 hunters to be friends. We do not like mixing "strangers" in deer camp. 


Booking / Deposit Procedure


  • Select your groups dates
  • You then are penciled on the calendar and have 30 days to enter your deposit
  • Upon receiving the deposit and hunt confirmation form, your dates are then carved in stone 


What airport is best ?

All of our Ontario trips we suggest flying into Ottawa International Airport as it is only 15 minutes from the lodge. 

If joining us in Saskatchewan then Saskatoon International Airport is the best.  

Can I take game home?

YES ! We package and prepare all the meat in a legal transporting method for you to be able to take it home with you. 

We do not supply coolers. 

How do I get my license ?

We work with you to collect all of your information to have your license in hand  upon your arrival. 

What is the lodging ?

Both waterfowl camps (Ontario / Saskatchewan) are full houses that we use. There are private bedrooms, many bathrooms, and all the normal amenities of home.   

Willl I/we be placed with another group ?

We run 1 group per day. Once you reach 4 members in your party the lodge and selected dates are all yours. 

If you are an independent hunter or a pair we reserve the right to match you with other single hunters or pairs to fill the date. 

Do I have to travel with my gun and ammo ?

NO ! We can supply camp guns and have ammo on hand for you. We can supply 12g guns and #1 or #2's for waterfowl loads. 

If you wish to travel with your firearm we can help you get all the proper information needed.... it is a very simple prcedure. 

Season Dates

Ontario dates of operation for waterfowl 

 Oct 10th - Dec 10th. 

Saskatchewan dates of operation for waterfowl

Sept 12th - Oct 5th

Ontario dates of operation for Turkey

April 25th - May 30th

Offered Ontario deer hunting dates

Nov 26th - Dec 15th

What does a typical


  • Start your day by filling your thermos and grabbing a bowl of dry cereal or snacks for the blind. 
  • Head to the field to get the spread ready before daylight  and enjoy the morning shoot. 
  • Back for breakfast a nap or relaxation before lunch and getting ready for the afternoon shoot. 
  • Return for dinner, a cocktail or two and recall the days events

Can I bring my dog ?

YES ! We do have elite level retrievers but after all it is your hunt. 

What equipment do you use ?

We operate with all industry leading gear that is upgraded regularly to ensure you hunt with the best gear possible to maximize the success level. 

Can I expect limits on a waterfowl hunt ?

You will have the opportunity at it for sure.... we don't shoot them for you though! Combined with being located in world class flyway locations and our dedication to scouting you will be on the X everyday of your hunt. 

Lodge capacity / group size ?

Waterfowl Group Size 

4 - 8

Turkey Group Size


Deer Group Size